Cups (Sufficiency Enigma, 1999)
a performance script by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook
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"Like a Form of Justice":
Disrupting Heteronormativity in Craig Gingrich-Philbrooks' Cups
an essay by Keith C. Pounds
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Insufficiency Enigma:
Audiencing Craig Gingrich-Philbrooks' Cups
an essay by Ronald J. Pelias
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Why I Don't Memorize, Exactly:
Autoperformance as Elaborative Praxis
an essay by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook
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Woman Enough
an audio essay by Cheyanne Nesgoda Vanderdonckt
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Back on the Path &
Searching for Myself in the Open

poems by Darren C. Goins
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Feminists as Invisible Dramaturgs
A Case Study of Terry Galloway's Lardo Weeping
an essay by Donna Marie Nudd
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<notes on contributors>

» Craig Gingrich-Philbrook teaches Performance Studies and Communication Theory at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He has performed at many universities and performance spaces, including SUSHI (San Diego) and Dixon Place (New York). He's currently saving scraps of paper in the early stages of a new work, The Apocalypse of Binky, he'll begin touring in the Fall of 2007.
» Darren C. Goins is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies and the Director of the Speech and Debate Program at Towson University.  Goins research and creative activity focuses on performance, masculinities, and pedagogy.
» Donna Marie Nudd is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Florida State University. Her areas of interest include performance activism, women’s studies, queer studies and disability studies. Nudd’s essay features the creative work of Beatrice Queral, Diane Wilkins, and Terry Galloway. Originally from Pau in southern France, Beatrice Queral is a Tallahassee photographer who makes a living doing traditional photography during the day and documenting alternative theatre and the Mickee Faust Club at night. Diane Wilkins owns a production company, Diane Wilkins Productions, that focuses on documentary, educational and promotional video and DVD production. Her true love is her collaborative work with Faust Films producing video shorts that have screened around the world. Terry Galloway is a writer, performer and director who writes, performs and directs.
» Ronald J. Pelias is Professor of Communication at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, where he teaches performance studies. His most recent book is A Methodology of the Heart: Evoking Academic & Daily Life.
» Keith C. Pounds is Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech Communication, Rhetoric, and Performance Studies at Hofstra University.
» Cheyanne Nesgoda Vanderdonckt is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication at the University of South Florida.