(artist pages)

Gesture of Imagination     [video]
Eileen Standley

Sample     [video]
William K. Rawlins

On Becoming Japerican     [video]
Sachiko Tankei-Aminian

Trees Hate Us   [radio play, mp3]
Voice of an Angry Tree  [pdf]
David J. Eshelman

(the city)

The Skateboard Dérive: A Poststructuralist Performance of Everyday Urban Motility     [pdf & video]
Hunter H. Fine

(performance & pedagogy)

Smart Bitch: Talking Back in Unity     [pdf & video]
Anne Harris & Rebecca Long

The Silent Teacher: A Performative, Meditative Model of Pegdagogy   [pdf]
Heather Anne Trahan


legacies of functional (il)literacy     [html—opens in a new window]
hari stephen kumar, Bryant Keith Alexander & Claudio Moreira

Step Aside?: The Reflexive Modern in Click Culture    [html]
Amanda Watson

Slamdance in the No Time Zone: Punk as Repertoire for Liminality    [pdf & video]
David Ensminger

(book reviews)

Dark Directions: Romero, Craven, Carpenter, and the Modern Horror Film (by Kendall R. Phillips)     [html]
reviewed by Jason Hedrick

Exercises for Rebel Artists: Radical Performance Pedagogy (by Guillermo Gómez-Peña & Roberto Sifuentes   [html]
reviewed by Brittany D. Chávez

<notes on contributors>

» Bryant Keith Alexander is Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts as well as a Communication Studies Professor at Loyola Marymount University. He is the author of The Performative Sustainability of Race: Reflections on Black Culture and the Politics of Identity (2012, Peter Lang), and Performing Black Masculinity: Race, Culture, and Queer Identity (2006, Alta Mira Press).

» David Ensminger is a Humanities, Folklore, and English Instructor at Lee College in Bay-town, TX. As a writer covering music, art, and contemporary issues, he has authored Visual Vitriol: The Street Art and Subcultures of the Punk and Hardcore Generations, Left of the Dial: Conversa-tion with Punk Icons, and coauthored Mojo Hand: The Life and Music of Lightnin' Hopkins. He has also contributed to Popmatters, Maximum Rock’n’Roll, Houston Press, Art in Print, M/C Journal, The Journal of Popular Music Studies, Artcore, Postmodern Culture, Trust, and others. He is also a longtime drummer and digital archivist of punk and vernacular culture.

» David Eshelman is Associate Professor of Communication and Interim Director of the Theatre Program at Arkansas Tech University. He is also founder and artistic director of the Arkansas Radio Theatre, which has recorded more than 30 shows since its inception in 2007. Eshelman’s work has been published in Liminalities, Text and Performance Quarterly, Ecumenica, and Translation Review. His stage plays—including The Witches’ Quorum, which premiered in 2011 at the Magnetic Theatre in Asheville, NC—have had performances around the US. In his spare time, he publishes a pseudonymous weekly blog of short strange plays.

» Hunter H. Fine (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale) is a teacher (Humboldt State University), research-based artist, scholar, and skater who functions at the intersections of performance, critical pedagogy, rhetoric, and poststructuralist theory. Combining critical communication scholarship with new media performance projects his work explores the social constructions of place and space as well as the tactical negotiations of power therein.

» Anne Harris (Ph.D., Victoria University) is an American-Australian playwright and Senior Lecturer in Education at Monash University (Melbourne), and has published over thirty peer reviewed articles or chapters in the areas of creativity and social inclusion. Her research interests include the intersection of cultural, sexual, and gendered diversities, including the ways in which creativity and the arts can be used for social and educational change. She has worked professionally as a playwright and journalist in New York, where she was born and raised. She earned her BFA and MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her book Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education (Springer) was published in May 2012.

» Jason Hedrick is an independent film critic who authors the film blog Ecstatic. You can also read his work at The Big Picture Magazine and at Pinnland Empire.

» hari stephen kumar is a PhD candidate in English, specializing in Composition and Rhetoric, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He has published articles on performance autoethnography in Qualitative Inquiry, Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies, and International Review of Qualitative Research.

» Rebecca Long lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she works in a range of cultural, community, and family-based contexts.

» Claudio Moreira is an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Together with Marcelo Diversi, he is the coauthor of Betweener Talk: Decolonizing Knowledge Production, Pedagogy, and Praxis (2008, Left Coast Press).

» William K. Rawlins is Stocker Professor of Communication Studies at Ohio University, and a local Athens, Ohio, musician and performer.

» Eileen Standley is a Clinical Professor on the faculty at the School of Dance – Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts – Arizona State University. Gesture of Imagination has recently been selected to tour with the program of ShortDanceFilms at the Cross-Border of Genres throughout Europe for 2013.

» Sachiko Tankei-Aminian is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Philosophy at Florida Gulf Coast University.

» Heather Anne Trahan is a doctoral candidate in Rhetoric & Writing in the English Department at Bowling Green State University. Her dissertation is about the convergence of polyamory studies and queer theory; to learn more, please visit her blog.

» Amanda Watson is a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute of Feminist, Women and Gender Studies with a specialization in representation at the University of Ottawa. Her dissertation explores the intersection of media representations of white motherhood and the ubiquity of cultural pro-natalism post-9/11 in the United States and Canada. She has published on narrative representations of 9/11, activism and the media, choice rhetoric, and social policy. She is also a freelance writer and activist, publishing in the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, and iPolitics.

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