Smart Bitch: Talking Back in Unity
Anne Harris & Rebecca Long

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Anne Harris (Ph.D., Victoria University) is an American-Australian playwright and Senior Lecturer in Education at Monash University (Melbourne), and has published over thirty peer reviewed articles or chapters in the areas of creativity and social inclusion. Her research interests include the intersection of cultural, sexual, and gendered diversities, including the ways in which creativity and the arts can be used for social and educational change. She has worked professionally as a playwright and journalist in New York, where she was born and raised. She earned her BFA and MFA from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Her book Ethnocinema: Intercultural Arts Education (Springer) was published in May 2012. Her latest book The Creative Turn: Toward a New Aesthetic Imaginary (Sense) is forthcoming in December 2013. Rebecca Long lives and works in a range of cultural, community and family-based contexts in Melbourne, Australia.

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