issue 7.4


Discipline and the Performance of Punishment: Welcome to "The Wildest Show
in the South"
   [multimedia essay] [or pdf]
Mary Rachel Gould

Hollywood Childhood around 1990    [video essay]
Scott Ferguson

A Dangerous Method: the Art of Authenticity as a Social Imperative    [pdf]
Jon Leon Torn

The iPhone 4CF (Conflict Free): The Yes Men Address the Conflict in the Democratic
Republic of the Congo
Sonja Mönkedieck

From Riot Grrrl to Crimethinc: A Lineage of Expressive Negation in Feminist Punk
and Queercore
Johanna Isaacson

(Digital Horizons)

TOUCHproject   [database installation]
Nichole Nicholson

about the digital horiozons series

(The City)

Cycling and the City: Reflections on Commuting Practices   [ethnography, GPS records, & documentary photography]
Phil Jones & Dan Burwood

(Book Review)

Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art (edited by Maria Elena Buszek)    [html]
reviewed by Kristen Williams

<notes on contributors>

» Dan Burwood is a photographic artist based in Birmingham, UK, who makes fine art images rooted in a documentary practice, which often reflect social and political, as well as conceptual concerns. He holds an MPhil in Hispanic studies and has undertaken photographic projects across Cuba, Europe and the Middle East. Currently he is working as the Community Photography Resource Coordinator for the Old Print Works, a newly established social enterprise in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham. [ website | email ]

» Scott Ferguson is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Film & New Media Studies in the Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida. His research explores how visual media transform childhood and age experience in modern Euro-America and traces these transformations across science, technology, and society. These varied pursuits converge in his focus on the written and visual essay: an interdisciplinary and subjective mode of inquiry that not only challenges divisions between art and science, but also engenders unlikely encounters with diverse historical forms.

» Mary Rachel Gould is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Saint Louis University and the co-director of the Saint Louis University Prison Arts and Education Program. Her research interests include the study of transgression and discipline in contemporary culture with a particular emphasis on the prison system, dark tourism and popular culture.

» Johanna Isaacson received her Ph.D. from the Literature Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her dissertation Literature and Oppositional Culture in Late Capitalism explores the problem of political commitment in contemporary literature and charts the emerging politics of “the everyday” in DIY culture.

» Phil Jones is a cultural geographer and lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK. With a background in urban history and examining the contemporary regeneration of cities, he is increasingly using arts and creative approaches to develop innovative understandings of urban space. He has a commitment to moving beyond conventional academic writing, having produced journal articles in video and graphic novel form as well as working with Dan Burwood on two arts-led research exhibitions. [ email ]

» Sonia Mönkedieck is a political scientist with a Ph.D. in Gender Studies, Performance Studies, and Governmentality Studies from the Hamburg University, Germany. Her dissertation is based on three years of action research with her Hamburg-based performance group that acts as if it were an enterprise. She is currently a Visiting Scholar at the New School for Social Research, New York City.

» Nichole Nicholson is a PhD student in Performance Studies at Southern Illinois University. Her research interests include performance art, new media, digital performance, digital humanities, narrative theory, collaboration/group performance, Internet culture, generative art, and queer theory. [ website ]

» Sam Sloan is a PhD student in Performance Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. His research interests include critical performance scholarship and praxis, digital performance, digital humanities, performance art, generative art, disability studies, cognitive psychology, sensory and perception research, avant garde film, cultural studies, and cyberculture. [ website ]

» Jon Leon Torn is Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University. He studied Method acting with his mother, the late actress Geraldine Page.

» Kristen Williams (Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park, 2010) joined Miami University of Ohio in the fall of 2010 as a Visiting Assistant Professor in American Studies. She studies the performance of place and the ways that site-specific narratives and practices create identity. Her most recent work examines the resurgent interest in home-based craft and food production within self-sufficiency movements across the United States.

Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies (issn: 1557-2935)

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the city editor: Daniel Makagon (DePaul University)
digital horizons editors: Craig Gingrich-Philbrook (Southern Illinois University) and Daniel (Jake) Simmons (Angelo State University)
performance & pedagogy editor: Keith Nainby (California State University Stanislaus)

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