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Digital Horizons
Edited by Craig Gingrich-Philbrook, Southern Illinois University
and Daniel (Jake) Simmons, Angelo State University

Liminalities announces “Digital Horizons,” a new content series devoted to presenting, interpreting, and critically evaluating performance studies projects designed specifically for digital environments. We welcome projects that mark the shift from the "web" to the "network," as it is increasingly understood by artists underscoring the transition to a more participatory, interactive use of the internet. We also invite pieces that explore the network’s potential as a medium for performance documentation that pushes creatively beyond merely archiving video clips to create encounters with the traces of a performance that have a poetic, phenomenological resonance in their own right. The editors interpret “performance projects” broadly, and also welcome scholarly projects about performance that utilize web-based strategies to blur the boundaries between critical/historical work and performance itself.

We will consider both projects created specifically for Liminalities and those hosted on an artist’s own site, to which we might link. In the latter case, Liminalities will host artist statements, critical responses, interviews, and/or other materials to provide additional perspectives on the work presented. Ideally, the projects included in the series over time will demonstrate a rich variety of enduring and emerging approaches to web-based work, including, but not limited to, elements of interactivity, the database/archive, DIY/mundane equipment, circuit bending, collaborative platforms and social media, detournement/appropriation, glitch, and so on.

Given the array of possible projects, submission requirements will vary. All submissions should, however, include a note describing the project, its history, and how the submitter envisions the “staging” of the project on Liminalities. Where possible, it may be sufficient simply to provide the editors with a link to a private site where you host the development of your project, a password to a protected site such as Vimeo, etc. In other cases, the editors can determine if and how they would like files transferred to them. Smaller submissions (in terms of file size) may be sent directly to the Digital Horizons editors/curators. Please send a description of the project you propose to both of the editors via email, indicating where they may view or access the project:

Craig Gingrich-Philbrook (craiggp@siu.edu)
Jake Simmons (daniel.simmons@angelo.edu)

Digital Horizons will be published in all issues (if accepted work is available) as a regular series in Liminalities.

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