contributions to this issue address themes of image, sound, and movement

issue 6.1

(Essays & Experiments)

Photography by Default
Clément Chérouxpdf

Helicopter : Helicopter
m. deragon open

Is Dalibar Martinis's "Performing Installation" Theatre?
Jerzy Limon pdf | video supplement

(Artist Pages)

Venice Topologies/Sent to Coventry
Nicolas Whybrow html | pdf

Scripting and Staging a Theoretical Mashup:
Nonfiction Zombie in a Dance Club

Tracy Stephenson Shaffer read & watch

(Performance & Pedagogy)

T...O...R...N...: Research Findings as Performance Art
Lisa Kay pdf

(Book Review)

Performing Loss: Rebuilding Community through Theater and Writing (by Jodi Kanter)
Amy Darnellread

<notes on contributors>

» Garnet C. Butchart is Assistant Professor of Communication and Affiliate Faculty in Humanities and Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida.

» Clément Chéroux is a historian of photography and curator of Cabinet de la photographie at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He is editor of The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult (Yale University Press, 2005), The Stamp of Fantasy (Steidl & Partners, 2008), and author of L'experience photographique d'August Strindberg: Du naturalisme au sur-naturalisme (Actes Sud, 1994), Mémoire des camps (1933-1949) (Marval, 2001), Fautographie: Petite histoire de l'erreur photographique (Yellow Now, 2003), Henri Cartier-Bresson: Le tir photographique (Gallimard, 2008), and Diplopie: L'image photographique à l'ère des médias globalisés: Essai sur le 11 septembre 2001 (Le Point du Jour, 2009).

» Amy L. Darnell (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) is an Assistant Professor teaching courses in Performance and Film Studies at Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri.

» m. deragon is an interdisciplinary artist holding degrees in english, psychology, surrealism, experimental sound, and poetry. Originally from New England, he now resides in Los Angeles working to avoid starvation in the current economic vacuum. He has published numerous poems, collages, and musical compositions. His current projects include a soundtrack for a horror film, playing in a sonic weighted rock band, The Cooling Time, and writing a book manuscript on the destitution of desire. [website]

» Lisa Kay is a dedicated artist/researcher, art educator, and art therapist. She is an adjunct faculty member in Art Education at Northern Illinois University and in Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work is situated at the intersection of art education and art therapy. Her creative voice is integrated in her tripartite identities, which are inextricably linked and essential for her to balance multiple realms and roles.

» Jerzy Limon is Professor of English at the English Institute, University of Gdańsk, Poland. His main area of research includes history of English drama and theatre in the 16th and 17th centuries, and various theoretical aspects of theatre. He has published widely on various topics, including three books published in English (Gentlemen of a Company, Dangerous Matter, and The Masque of Stuart Culture), five books that have appeared in Polish, and over a hundred articles and reviews. His most recent books include a theory of “television theatre” titled Obroty przestrzeni (Moving Spaces) and The Chemistry of the Theatre (performativity of time and space), to be published by Pagrave MacMillan later this year. He is now preparing a book on King James I’s secret service. Limon has also published four novels, as well as translations of plays by William Shakespeare, Thomas Middleton, Philip Massinger and Tom Stoppard. He runs a theatre project in Gdańsk, which aims at reconstructing an Elizabethan-in-style theatre, and organizes an annual International Shakespeare Festival.

» Tracy Stephenson Shaffer is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Louisiana State University, where she directs in the HopKins Black Box and teaches courses in performance and film. In addition to Liminalities, she has published essays and scripts in Theatre Annual, Text and Performance Quarterly, and Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies. She is currently developing a new solo project about iconic anthropologist Margaret Mead.

» Nicolas Whybrow is Associate Professor in the School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK. He is author of Street Scenes: Brecht, Benjamin and Berlin (2005) and, as editor, Performance and the Contemporary City: an Interdisciplinary Reader (2010). A monograph entitled Art and the City will appear in October 2010. Previous artist’s pages have been produced for Performance Research journal: ‘Foot-notes’ (7.4, 2002: 27-37) and ‘Streetscenes: the Accident of Where We Walk’ (11.3, 2006: 123-126).

editor: Michael LeVan (University of South Florida)
performance & pedagogy editor: John T. Warren (Southern Illinois University)
editorial assistant: David Steinweg (University of South Florida)
banner photo by Naida Zukić

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