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Christie Logan

At the Lake

So much begins to rise to the surface,
here, at the Lake,
the water in such varying depths and rhythms
reveals known secrets
awakens old souls
in this Pandoraís box
this cabinet of womenís wonders

She is recuperating here
      from oblivion
      illness, disease
      from guilt and shame
      so willingly taken on by women
      so seldom questioned by those who love them

She needs no veil here
her spirit
taking form
in exquisite brush strokes
of paint
in layers
of textured paper
of beads
and stones
and wood
and photographs
and the fingerprints of the artistís
loving, intricate labor

the infinite grain of memory,
numinous strata
re-imagined in this brilliant cabinet

stories shared, retold
as confidences between soul mates
who trust each other
as much as they trust stories

who tell each other stories
they canít begin to understand
until they tell them
to each other
such a gift

once story opens up
reveals its infinite treasures,
astounding permutations,
we see
the truth of story —

itís been here all this time
it waits
and calls to us
          come inside...

a mother is reborn, a daughter awakened
a life is revived, a writer renewed.

the process begins

November, 2009
12345678910 • [11]

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