Rebirthing Mother
poems by Christie Logan

Veiled Woman #1
Rog ... 1954?
Veiled Woman #2
What's the difference between chaos and frenzy?
A Christmas Proclamation
Veiled Woman #3
After Dinner
Veiled Woman #4
At the Lake

[Note regarding images and process]

Working as a mixed media collage/assemblage artist, Julie Williams creates "story storage" cabinets that are altered pieces of furniture (chests, cabinets, trunks) or containers (boxes or purses) that use photos of a subject and her/his family and focuses on exploring that person's family story in a new way. She works with a wide variety of found objects such as beads, stones, glass, twigs, and materials such as paint, fabrics and digitally altered photographs.

In 2005 she created a piece titled At the Lake, working with photographs, memories and stories shared by Christie Logan. This art work depicts the four seasons at the family's beloved lake home, while expressing in these seasons stages and phases in the subject's life.

The writing of Rebirthing Mother was prompted by the amazing gift of At the Lake; the 11 poems are a response and remembering engendered by the artwork. The two women have been friends and creative collaborators since 1982.

For more on Williams' story storage and At the Lake, see here.
For information on Williams' current projects, see her project blog.

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