Scene Three

Back in the kitchen. The lovers appear to have recently finished dinner, and are sipping coffee during this scene. The stage is well-lit, and Rossini's “Thieving Magpie” plays on the sound system. The music plays for some time before the dialogue begins.

HE:            In Freud's last words on female sexuality, he makes an interesting move.

SHE:          Most of the essay is unoriginal, repeating the theories of penis envy and the notion that a woman's behavior is determined biologically by the sexual function.

HE:            But he closes the essay by admitting the fact that woman cannot be reduced solely to biology, that, in his words, “an individual woman may be a human being in other respects as well.” If we want to know more about femininity, however, psychoanalysis is unable to tell us. For that, Freud recommends that we wait until we learn more:

SHE:          “Enquire from your own experiences,” he says, “or turn to the poets, or wait until science can give you deeper and more coherent information.”

HE:            What is interesting is that it is precisely in these directions that contemporary feminists have turned to seek answers regarding feminine sexuality.

SHE:          Feminine sexuality?

HE:            She would like a million men to lay over her

Lay bare

Let's get to it she says.

Stop avoiding it, holding on to ourselves

SHE:          I am only me in relation to others. I need to relate to you to understand myself

HE:            Yeah I'm using you


Your body on in my body

Partake of me that through you I can see myself

SHE:          See her corrupt him

Her take on relationships would revolt this man

Those tidy packages he carries like a weapon

HE:            Her body a dagger

SHE:          His innocence armor

HE:            This poem a shield

SHE:          Protecting sexuality

HE:            In defense of bodies on top of bodies

SHE:          Her voracious appetite consuming lives lived and lessons learned.

HE:            Hard-ons seduced with raw honesty and blatant desire.

SHE:          Love is forever.

HE:            Lust is right now.

SHE:          I like ‘em young.

HE:            But not too young.

SHE:          I like ‘em when they’re poised on the brink of the abyss, of manhood—past adolescence but not quite seasoned yet. Not yet ready for death but ready for the forbidden.

HE:            Tattooed biceps, form, but… not too pumped up. In fact, I hate muscle boys. Much too obvious. I prefer a juicy burger every once in a while. I usually stick to vegetables and fish, but I can appreciate an expensive slab of meat.

[Lights suddenly go out and the music stops. The spotlight opens on each speaker individually, on and off on each actor's face, during the following exchange.]

SHE:          The campaign against kiddy porn succeeded because it confused the issue of violence against children with the issue of children and sexuality. Everyone, gay and straight, is appalled at the idea of children or teenagers being raped, forced into performing sex acts in front of a camera, or exploited by a pimp.

HE:            But many gay people are not appalled at the idea that young people want to break away from their families and sometimes grow up to be gay.

[Lighting returns to normal, and the speakers turn up playing the climax to “Thieving Magpie.”]

SHE:          My father wants to fuck me

and I want to fuck him

maybe it's the only way I know

to get love

the only way men know

to express emotion.

HE:            Daddy, I have had to kill you.

You died before I had time—

Marble-heavy, a bag full of God,

Ghastly statue with one gray toe

Big as a Frisco seal

SHE:           They say every father

wants to fuck his girl

it's the only way

they can control us.

HE:            Not God but a swastika

So black no sky could squeak through.

Every woman adores a Fascist,

The boot in the face, the brute

Brute heart of a brute like you.

SHE & HE: [loudly, in unison, as the last note of music plays] Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I'm through!

[Lights slowly fade in silence throughout the following exchange.]

HE:            Starved of its sustenance, it begged and pleaded with me

SHE:  [overlapping] Starved of its sustenance…

HE:            I found it repulsive.

SHE:          It begged and pleaded with me…

HE:            I was forced to admit a truth that I had

SHE:            I found it repulsive.

HE:            been doing my best to conceal ever since my adolescence:

SHE:          admit the truth

HE:            my physical appetites were greater than I wanted them to be.

SHE:          enquire from your own experience.


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