Social Dramas and Cultural Performances:
All the President's Women
an essay by Elizabeth Bell
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Performing the Dum' Dum Doctrine:
A Non-Representational Account of Bush's Expansionism
a performative essay by Jason Del Gandio, with contributions and illustrations by Robert Israel
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Flag Football
an audio performance by Elizabeth Whitney
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Lost Lust:
The Performative Remainder
a performance script via detournement by Bernardo Alexander Attias and Almetria Magdelena Vaba
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Trailer Park Chic, Post-Punk-Pop and My Body of Pedagogy
an essay from the trenches by Robyn Diner
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Review of Appropriating Blackness: Performance and the Politics of Authenticity, by E. Patrick Johnson
by Robert Avery
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<notes on contributors>

» Elizabeth Bell is Associate Professor of Communication at the University of South Florida. Her research and teaching converge at the intersection of performance studies and postmodern feminist theory. She is the coeditor of From Mouse to Mermaid (Indiana UP, 1995) and coauthor of Theories of Performance (Sage, expected 2007). She is the recipient of ten teaching awards from national, state, and university groups.
» Jason Del Gandio is a Lecturer in the Department of Strategic and Organizational Communication at Temple University in Philadelphia. Jason is also an activist and organizer concerned with democracy, economic equality, and human rights. He is currently at work on a book called Rhetoric for Radicals.
» Robert Israel is an accomplished creative designer and illustrator who currently works in the licensing and apparel industry. Rob is also a part-time activist, attending protests such as the NYC RNC 2004 and the March Against the Iraq War in 2005 in DC.
» Elizabeth Whitney is a solo performer whose work has been seen at festivals, galleries, and colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is currently a Scholar in Residence in the Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College in Boston.
» Bernardo Alexander Attias is Professor of Communication Studies at California State University, Northridge. He works at the interstices of rhetorical studies, cultural studies, and performance studies.
» Almetria Magdelena Vaba is a mother, performer, and graduate student at California State University, Northridge studying performance, race, and identity in the Communication Studies Department.
» Robyn Diner is part-time faculty in the Women's Studies department at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia Univeristy in Montreal. She teaches "Popular Culture and Feminist Theory," "Boys, Dudes, Men: Feminist Theories and Masculinities" and "Controversies in Feminism." She is currently working on a book called From Blaxploitation Hip to White Trash Chic: Bodies of Humor and Hyperbole in Popular Culture.
» Robert Avery is a doctoral student in the Speech Communication Department at the University of Georgia. His research focuses on the performance politics of everyday life.