13 ways to kill a mockingbird


Present staging:  Liminalities 4.2, 2008

13 ways to kill a mockingbird in cyberspace:


2)Former Site Map

3)Postcard from Baton Rouge with Ham and LSU Law School

4)Montage of “The Script in Question” and “Pre-and-post-production Notes”

5)Mrs. Dubose Interludes

6)Doing Things with Other People’s Texts, based on Martin Arnold’s passage a l’acte

7)Monroeville, or, Delete the Adjectives and You’ll Have the Facts

8)The Trial of Atticus Finch, adapted from Joseph Crespino’s “The Strange Career of Atticus Finch”

9)Audience Verdict Booth

10)Vertical Montage with Color Line, adapted from Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

11)Mayella Ewell’s Chifforobe of Wonders:  The ABCs of To Kill a Mockingbird

12)Someone Else’s Shoes: Readers Respond

13)Paratexts: Notes, Works Cited, and Credits

      Within the installations, spectators may also discover hyperlinks to several “extallations” (like this one, which will give you a good summary of the story, if you’ve forgotten how it goes).

Past staging:  HopKins Black Box theatre, 2004

13 ways to kill a mockingbird in real space:

1)Avian Trajectory Suite (Janis L. Edwards, artist)

2)Dialectical Montage of the Great Depression and Civil Rights Movement (Kenny Benitez, editor, with Brooke Arceneaux)

3)Someone Else’s Shoes (Thomas E. Moran, editor)

4)Mayella Ewell’s Chifforobe of Wonders (Patricia A. Suchy, editor)

5) Back porch Extallation (Created by Linda Shkreli)

6)Monroeville, or, Delete the Adjectives and You’ll Have the Facts  (Ann Glaviano, editor)

7)Running Montage (Thomas E. Moran, Editor)

8)Mrs. Dubose Interludes

9)  Cutting to Discontinuity (adapted from experimental video by Martin Arnold, “passage à l'acte”—1993)

  1. 10)The Trial of Atticus Finch (in two parts—adapted from Joseph Crespino, “The Strange Career of Atticus Finch.” Southern Cultures, Summer 2000

  2. 11) Audience Verdict Booth

12)  Ornithology (adapted from “Orpheus Polyglottus” by John James Audubon)

13)  I Got Somethin’ to Say (adapted from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee)

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