Where's Queerdo? Disabling Perceptions!
Julie Cosenza

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Where's Queerdo? Disabling Perceptions!

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Julie Cosenza is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Where's Queerdo? Disabling Perceptions! explores the intersec-tions of disability and queerness and was first staged (and filmed) on the Marion Kleinau Theatre, SIU campus in March, 2012. The faculty advisor Dr. Elyse Pineau and the assistant direc-tor Meggie Mapes provided important artistic insight and much needed support in the process of creating the performance. This publication is dedicated to friend, director, lighting designer, and creative collaborator, the late Rick Jones. It was Rick who suggested the name “Queerdo” for this project, and his amazing lighting design provides just a small glimpse of his passion and talent for lighting the stage. Queerdo is also Julie Cosenza’s mime persona and has per-formed in local Carbondale venues with The V2T2 Cabaret for over three years.

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