Cyborg Phenomenology: Performative Inquiry in a Technoscientific World   [pdf & video]
Shauna M. MacDonald

Letting Something Else Happen: A Collaborative Encounter with the Work
of Sharon Rosenberg
Michaelle Meagher & Roewan Crowe

Staying I(ra)n: Narrating Queer Identity from Within the Persian Closet     [pdf]
Shadee Abdi

Corporate Space, Performance and Selfhood: Googleplex Sydney     [pdf]
Daniel Johnston

(digital horizons)

Song of the Nightingale     [video and essay]
Sarah K. Jackson

(the city)

Self and the City: Parkour, Architecture, and the Interstices of the ‘Knowable’ City     [pdf]
Matthew D. Lamb


Circles     [video]
Benny LeMaster

(performance & pedagogy)

Where’s Queerdo? Disabling Perceptions!     [video & essay]
Julie Cosenza

(book reviews)

Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation (by David Novak)     [html]
reviewed by David Z. Morris

The Ghosts of the Avant-Garde(s): Exorcising Experimental Theater and Performance
(by James M. Harding)
reviewed by Alexandra Simpson

Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters (by Michael Balfour)   [html]
reviewed by Bridget Conlon Liddell

Stage Turns: Canadian Disability Theatre (by Kirty Johnston)  [html]
reviewed by Betsy Hardi

Research Methods in Theatre and Performance (by Baz Kershaw & Helen Nicholson)     [html]
reviewed by Natalie McCabe

The Face of America: Plays for Young People (by Children's Theatre Company,
Peter Brosius and Elissa Adams, eds.)
reviewed by Danielle N. Sather

<notes on contributors>

» Shadee Abdi is a doctoral student in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Denver.

» Julie Cosenza is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

» Roewan Crowe is an artist and associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Winnipeg. In her artistic and scholarly practice she enters into fatal wounded landscapes to explore feminist possibilities. She recently launched Quivering Land (ARP), a queer Western that engages with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West.

» Betsy Hardi is a graduate student in the Department of Performance Studies at Texas A&M University. While focusing on military performance, Betsy works in conjunction with the Veteran Support and Resource Center to develop The Telling Project, a performance opportunity for veterans in the College Station area.

» Sarah K. Jackson (PhD, Louisiana State University) teaches at Southern University at New Orleans. Her work has been published with Technoculture, Liminalities, Tender-Loin, Southern Spaces, and Folkstreams.

» Daniel Johnston holds a PhD in Performance Studies from The University of Sydney where he has been employed as a lecturer. He has also taught at Macquarie University and the National Institute of Dramatic Art. His research interests include philosophy and theatre, corpo-rate performance, and the semiotics of performance analysis.

» Matthew D. Lamb is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State University. His research focuses on architecture’s place within urban communication processes that produce understandings of how to use, efforts to control, and frames for interpreting the body in city space.

» Benny LeMaster is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Hir research interests include queer and transgender theories and subjectivities, critical intercultural communication, performance studies, and intersectionality.

» Bridget Conlon Liddell is a graduate student in the Department of Performance Studies at Texas A&M University. Her research currently focuses on the embodied praxis of fear in urban public spaces.

» Shauna M. MacDonald (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Villanova University, where she teaches courses in Perfor-mance Studies and Qualitative Research in Communication.

» Natalie McCabe is a dramaturg and doctoral student in the Theatre program at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Natalie holds an MA in Theatre History and Criticism from the Catholic University of America. Her research interests include Irish theatre and “the performance of history”.

» Michelle Meagher is associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Alberta. Her research is centered on cultivating relationships between feminist theory and feminist art practice. Her work on artists like Suzy Lake, Cindy Sherman, Martha Wilson, and Jenny Saville has been published in Hypatia, Body and Society, and Feminist Studies.

» David Z. Morris (PhD, University of Iowa) is a freelance writer and independent scholar who lived in Tokyo from 2009-2011 with the support of the University of Iowa and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. His work on technology, music, and media has appeared or is forthcoming in popular and academic publication including Fortune; Technology and Culture; Aeon; The Japan Times; Communication, Culture, and Critique; and Maximum Rock n' Roll. Follow him on Twitter at @davidzmorris.

» Danielle N. Sather is a graduate student in the department of Performance Studies at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on prison theatre and performance based programming in correctional facilities.

» Alexandra Simpson is a graduate student at Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on the performance and generation of the self in online social media through the use of queer fandoms and characters.

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digital horizons editors: Craig Gingrich-Philbrook (Southern Illinois University) and Daniel (Jake) Simmons
   (Angelo State University)
performance & pedagogy editor: Keith Nainby (California State University Stanislaus)
book review editor: Christopher J. McRae (University of South Florida)

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