Rachel Reynolds

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Rachel Reynolds' Ultrasound is a collage-constructed audio essay that explores pregnancy and embodiment through varied meditations on "expecting." It was first created for a class on self-writing and the essay, taught by Scott Ferguson. The essay below, by Ferguson, is a reflection on Ultrasound as an essay in its own right, as a creative "outcome" of his course, and as an exemplar of the course's pedagogical gestures.

note on the music in Ultrasound: "Fall" by The Lightning Bug Situation used by permission

Ultrasound and the Essay
Scott Ferguson

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Rachel F. Reynolds is a queer feminist writer, Director of the (In)Visible Memoirs Project, and editor of two books: I Speak From My Palms (Memoir Journal) and Lionhearted (Memoir Journal), both released in 2013. She currently resides in rural Pennsylvania with her partner and their tiny toddler boss.

Scott Ferguson is an Assistant Professor of Film & New Media Studies in the Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies at the University of South Florida. His research and pedagogy focus on contemporary moving image culture, modern rhetorics of development, the Montaignean essay, and critiques of neoliberalism.

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