Grain: A Video Essay
David P. Terry


David P. Terry (American, b. 1977).

Partial List of Materials in order of first deliberate use for this project: Macbook Pro (Early 2011), Prezi (early adopter), Google search, Wikipedia, J-Stor, GoggleBooks, various life experiences, collaborations with Michael Kraskin on “Catalogue of Ships” podcast, iMac (Early 2009), Garage Band, Audacity, iTunes, iPad2, assorted cables, corduroy jacket (and other clothing as necessary for social conventions), conversations with Marjorie Hazeltine and Justin Trudeau, conference provided projector and screen, conversations with Naida Zukic, audience interaction at the National Communication Association Convention San Francisco Fall 2011, post-performance conversation with various colleagues, theatre lights (hand-me-down fresnels ill suited for film lighting), “smart” classroom projector, iPhone4 camera, Kodak Easy Share camera, assorted tripods and other cameras positioned at more-or-less random angles, dry erase board, Sure microphone, xlr cable, Mobile PreAmp, audience interaction in San Jose State University HGH 231 Black Box (Callifia Performance Collective First Friday Showcases 2012-present), iMovie (failed), Visa Card, Final Cut Pro, YouTube tutorials on Final Cut Pro, well known cuss words, portable hard drive, e-mail conversations with Michael LeVan, Michael LeVan’s computer(s?), Vimeo, unknown reviewers’ unknown computers, Xtra Normal, unknown reviewer's colleague's voices, unknown sound recording device, unknown sound editing software, unknown video recording device, markers, construction paper, desk, unknown reviewer's pets, couch, cushion, DropBox, invented cuss words.

Partial List of Materials Deliberately Avoided for this Project: Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Docs, Word Perfect, Notepad, All Other Word Processors*~

*reviewers may have used word processors as interim technologies, but shared all of their feedback through other media
~author's e-mail client on which he composed this note does have spell check, without which he cannot function.

Supplemental materials related to process

↑ The original "blinded" submission for review. Reviewers were asked to provide video or
audio feedback for possible inclusion in a revised/remixed version of the submission.

↑ Digital response (animated video) from reviewer #1

↑ Digital response (video) from reviewer #2

↑ Digital response (audio) from reviewer #3

David P. Terry is Assistant Professor of Performance Studies in the Department of Communication at San José State University. Correspondence to

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