Blasphemies on Forever: Remembering Queer Futures
Dustin Bradley Goltz

[Blasphemies on Forever by Dustin Bradley Goltz. Runtime: 1:00:04. ]

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Blasphemies on Forever: Remembering Queer Futures was written, directed and performed by Dustin Bradley Goltz. Jason Zingsheim (Assistant Professor at Governors State University) plays the part of "The Ghost." This performance premiered at DePaul University in the Spring of 2009. It has also been presented at Davenport's Piano Bar in Chicago in September 2009 and The Empty Space Theater at Arizona State University in March 2010. The audio and video used within the performance was edited and assembled by Dustin Goltz. The performance documentation was recorded in November 2009, at DePaul University, as part of the National Communication Association Performance Series. The documentation was recorded by Rae Langes and edited by Dustin Goltz.

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