issue 7.1

(Call for papers and projects)

Introducing new recurring section, The City


Cartoon Transgressions: Citlali, La Chicana Super Hero as Community Activist   [pdf]
Deanna Shoemaker

A Blue Feeling in the Gallery: Roger Hiorns' Seizure and the Arts Market    [pdf]
Elena Trivelli

(Book Reviews)

Dreams of Difference, Songs of the Same: The Musical Moment in Film. (by Amy Herzog).  [html]
Benjamin Haas

Iím Black When Iím Singing, Iím Blue When I Ainít and other Plays.
(by Sonia Sanchez, edited by Jacqueline Wood).
Kim Higgs

Performance, Ethics and Spectatorship in a Global Age. (by Helena Grehan).  [html]
Andreea S. Micu

Queer Political Performance and Protest: Play, Pleasure and Social Movement.
(by Benjamin Shepard).
Dana Sayre

Branding Texas: Performing Culture in the Lone Star State. (by Leigh Clemons).  [html]
Emily Piepenbrink

<notes on contributors>

» Benjamin Haas is a graduate student in the Department of Communication Studies at Louisiana State University where he does research on the intersections of music, performance, anarchy, cultural studies, and poststructuralist philosophy.

» Kim E. Higgs is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of North Dakota.

» Andreea Micu is a graduate student in the Performance Studies program at Texas A & M University.

» Emily Piepenbrink is a graduate student in the Performance Studies program at Texas A & M University.

» Dana Sayre is a graduate student in the Performance Studies program at at Texas A&M University, where she studies queer utopian performance practices.

» Deanna Shoemaker is Assistant Professor of Communication at Monmouth University, where she works broadly on performance, culture, and identity; performance in popular culture; the politics of representation; ethnographic methods; and performance and social activism. She also a performer and faculty advisor for “CommWorks: Students Committed to Performance.”

» Elena Trivelli is a PhD candidate in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths College, London. Her research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and it explores the production of subjectivity during the processes of psychiatric deinstitutionalization in northern Italy in 1960s (particularly, the changing nature of the asylum space in relation to current debates on affect theory and biopolitics).

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