Operation Free Cheese
Faust Radio

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[run time: 1 hour]

Teaser: Rumors of a large cheese reservoir buried underneath the brick walkways at EPCOT lead the nation's cheese producers to convince Mickee Faust, a rat with an overly-inflated ego and a ruthless rule over Faustlandia, to send scores of troops to EPCOT and "liberate" the people. The storyline bears an uncanny....and totally UNpurposeful....likeness to the United States build up to war and eventual invasion of Iraq.

Producers/Directors: Susan Gage and Diana L. Kampert.

Writers: Frank Lynch, Terry Galloway, Nancy Lang, Susan Gage, and Diana L. Kampert.

Perfomers: The Mickee Faust Club's Faustkateers.

Music: Jeff Henry and Eclectic Acoustic.

Broadcast: Show aired on WVFS-FM 89.7, Tallahassee, Florida (USA).

Station Manager: Misha Laurents

Interesting Historical Note: Original broadcast was on April 30, 2003. George W. Bush landed on the aircraft carrier with the "Mission Accomplished" banner the next day.

Faust Radio: Productions for Faust Radio began in May 2001 when a comedy slot opened in the WVFS schedule. Since then, the Mickee Faust Club has brought its twisted, weird satire from the stage to the airwaves for one-hour every time there is a fifth Wednesday in a month. "The Fifth of Faust Comedy Hour" has broadened the company's outreach to the listening public, and is in keeping with Mickee Faust's ultimate goal: World Media Domination. If Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch can do it, why not Faust?

Bios: Susan Gage brings 16 years of commercial and public radio reporting and production experience to the Faust company. Diana L. Kampert has mastered the art of digital audio editing as well as the ability to simulate the sounds of rats getting run over on I-75 by dropping wilted vegetables and yogurt onto pavement.

Faust Radio Awards: Operation Free Cheese won a Bronze World Medal for Regularly Scheduled Comedy from the New York Festivals' Radio Programming Awards in 2004. Most recently, another Faust Radio production that also aired on WVFS-FM 89.7, War of the Worlds, won a "Communicator Award of Excellence in comedy programming.

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