a liminalities monograph

Connecting with the Cosmic: Arthur Russell, Rhizomatic Musicianship,
and the Downtown Music Scene, 1973-92

by Tim Lawrence

List of sound clips:

1. p. 25: Instrumentals, recorded live at the Kitchen, 27 April 1975. From First Thought Best Thought (Audika, 2006). Courtesy of Audika.

2. p. 32: "Tone Bone Krone," from World of Echo (Upside Records, 1986, re-released by Audika, 2006, with additional tracks). Courtesy of Audika.

3. p. 37: Dinosaur L, "#5 (Go Bang)," from 24 → 24 Music (Sleeping Bag, 1981).

4. p. 38: "Hop on Down," from Calling Out of Context (Audika, 2004). Courtesy of Audika.

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