Just the Funny Bits
by Terry Galloway

This video includes an introduction, and three "bits" from Out All Night and Lost My Shoes, written and performed by Terry Galloway, dramaturged by Donna Marie Nudd. This video was originally made in 1995 by Diane Wilkins and Donna Marie Nudd. Terry Galloway continues performing similar works that test the limits of decorum.

Terry Galloway is a writer, performer and director who writes, performs and directs.

Donna Marie Nudd
is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Florida State University. Her areas of interest include performance activism, women's studies, queer studies and disability studies. She served as dramaturge and director for the theatrical production of Out All Night and Lost My Shoes and as major consultant and co-director for this video excerpt, Just the Funny Bits.

Diane Wilkins co-directed, shot and edited Just the Funny Bits. Wilkins owns a production company, Diane Wilkins Productions, that focuses on documentary, educational and promotional video and DVD production. Her true love is her collaborative work with Faust Films producing video shorts that have screened around the world.

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