Imaginary Self-Immolation
Alexandrine Capolla Beauregard

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"Imaginary Self-Immolation" performed by Alexandrine Capolla Beauregard

Alexandrine Capolla Beauregard is an inter-disciplinary artist based in Montreal, Canada. She graduated with distinction from Concordia University in 2015 in Fine Arts. She also did a minor in religion during which she focused on Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition. She has always been concerned with the historical and cultural impacts of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, and she has been interested in performance art since very young. Although she expresses herself through painting, sculpture, fibre, and electronic art, she prefers the medium of performance when it comes to political and social themes. Her performances, even though introspective and silent on the surface, are born from her profound desire to stir shock and to spark reflection. Many of her works about exile and women's issues are unspoken calls for change.

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