memoration #2: constituent parts
Leah Decter

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Memoration #2: Constituent Parts (Part One)

Time-lapse videographer: Mickayla Pike
Video Editor: Leah Decter

Memoration #2: Constituent Parts (Part Two)

Videographer: Clive Robertson
Video Editor: Leah Decter

Memoration #2: Constituent Parts (Part Three)

Videographer: Clive Robertson
Video Editor: Leah Decter

Poster for Performance:

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Starvation Policies:

» Daschuk, James William. Clearing the plains: disease, politics of starvation, and the loss of Aboriginal life. Vol. 65. University of Regina Press, 2013.Daschuk, James William.

Leah Decter is an inter-media artist and scholar based in Winnipeg, Canada—Treaty 1 territory. She holds an MFA in New Media from Transart Institute (Berlin) and is currently a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies at Queens University (Kingston, ON). Decter has exhibited, presented and screened her work widely in Canada and internationally in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Malta, the Netherlands and India. Her most recent writing has been published in The Land We Are: Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation (2015) (chapters co-written with Ayumi Goto and Jaimie Isaac respectively). In 2014, her ongoing dialogic art project (official denial) trade value in progress (co-activated with Jaimie Isaac) was featured in Studio: Craft and Design in Canada, and the Journal of Canadian Art History.

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