I Was Hamlet—Cunning Scenes And Family Albums
Eda Čufer

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Laibach performing at Novi Rock festival Ljubljana, 1982.

Laibach interview for TV program Tednik, TV Slovenia, 1983

Laibach interview for TV program Tednik, TV Slovenia, 1983

Eda Čufer is a dramaturg, curator and writer, whose essays on theater, dance, and visual art have appeared in many books and journals. In 1983 she co-founded the theater group >GSSN (Scipion Nasice Sisters Theater), and a year later she cofounded the art collective NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst), both based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During the 1990s she worked extensively with NSK's visual art unit, the Irwin group, on a number of relational projects focused on post-socialist condition, and edited several books relating to those projects, including NSK Moscow Embassy: How the East Sees the East, Transnacionala (Highway Collisions Between East and West at the Crossroads of Art), and (together with Victor Misiano), Interpol: The Art Exhibition Which Divided East and West. She also collaborated with the international dance group En-Knap and with performance and visual artist Marko Peljhan's Project Atol. Between 2002 and 2004 she co-curated the exhibitions In Search of Balkania (Neue Galerie/ Graz) and Call Me Istanbul (ZKM/Karslruhe). She recently co-edited the book NSK from Kapital to Capital (MIT Press), which was published simultaneously with the NSK retrospective. She is now working on a book project, Art as Mousetrap, with the support of a grant from the Andy Warhol/Creative Capital Foundation. This new project concerns the Shakespeearean “stategem of mousetrap,” and its relevance for contemporary performative and activist art. She is an assistant professor in Academic Studies and Art History at the Maine College of Art.

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