Pedagogy and Performance
editorial contributions by Keith Nainby, Gretchen Stein Rhodes, Chris McRae, and Michael LeVan

(essays & projects)

Blasphemously Black: Reflections on Performance and Pedagogy   [essay]
Javon Johnson

Cripping: A Performance Ethnography of Disability and Identity     [video]
Co-Creating Cripping: A Performance Ethnographic Research Project
as Undergraduate Pedagogy
Julie-Ann Scott, William Bolduc, and Frank Trimble

Improvising a Future in the Performing Arts: The Benefits of Reframing
Performing Arts Entrepreneurship Education in Familiar Terms
Bree Hadley

Sacred Waste: Performance Pedagogy, Plastic Shamanism, and Ten Thousand
Pieces of Trash
  [essay & images]
Bonny McDonald

Performance Remains     [video]
Brian Harmon

(performance & community intervention:
the 2014 patti pace performance festival)

Introduction: Performance and Community Intervention     [essay]
Lisa Flanagan

Welcome: The Patti Pace Performance Festival    [essay]
Melanie Kitchens

Activists, Bodies, and Political Arguments    [keynote address]
Jason Del Gandio

My Augusta: A Workshop in Community Engagement    [essay]
Gretchen Stein Rhodes

Performance Festivals as Sites for Mentoring and Undergraduate Research    [essay]
Mindy Fenske

The Performance Festival as Undergraduate Research    [essay]
Ross Louis

Performance Festivals as Site of Undergraduate Research    [essay]
Charles Parrott

A Weekend with the Imperial Theatre    [essay]
Lindsay Greer

Performance Pedagogy in/as Community Intervention(s)    [essay]
Nichole Nicholson

So Much to Do in Such Little Time ...    [essay]
Sam Sloan

Concluding Remarks    [essay]
Andrea Baldwin

Photos from the 2014 Patti Pace Performance Festival    [photos]
Bill Tussey

<notes on contributors>

» Andrea Baldwin is a Lecturer at the University of Houston—Clear Lake.

» William Bolduc is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He produces, directs and films a variety of projects ranging from study abroad promotional videos, and most recently performance ethnography narratives. When possible he involves students in his productions because of his commitment to providing applied learning opportunities.

» Jason Del Gandio is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Department of Strategic Communication at Temple University. His area of expertise is the theory and practice of social justice, focusing on the intersections of performance (embodiment/style/aesthetics), philosophy (cognition/reason), and rhetoric (discourse/audience/ language). Following in the tradition of scholar-activism, he has written Rhetoric for Radicals: A Handbook for 21st Century Activists (2008) and co-edited Education for Action: Strategies to Ignite Social Justice (2014). [website:].

» Mindy Fenske is an Associate Professor of Speech Communication and Rhetoric in the Department of English at the University of South Carolina. Fenske's scholarship lies at the intersection of performance, rhetoric, and embodiment and she is particularly interested in issues of critical method and ethics.

» Lisa Flanagan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Xavier University of Louisiana.

» Lindsay Greer s a Ph.D candidate in performance studies at the Department of Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Her research interests include feminist historiography and staging media archaeology.

» Bree Hadley is Head of Postgraduate Coursework Studies in the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Her research investigates the construction of identity in contemporary, pop cultural and public sphere performance practices, and concentrates in particular on the way spectators act as co-creators in such performance practices. Hadley’s research has appeared in many scholarly journals, including Performance Research, About Performance, Liminalities, Australasian Drama Studies, Brolga: An Australian Journal About Dance, Journal of Arts & Communities, M/C Media and Culture Journal, Scope: An Online Journal of Film and Television Studies, Disability & Society, Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management, Journal of Further and Higher Education, in books, newspapers and online publication platforms such as ArtsHub and Australian Theatre Online, and most recently in her book on Disability, Public Space Performance and Spectatorship - Unconscious Performers (Palgrave MacMillan 2014). Hadley is currently President of the Australasian Association for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies (ADSA), and a Director of Performance Studies international (PSi).

» Brian Harmon is a doctoral candidate in Rhetoric and Composition at The University of South Carolina. His work investigates how digital documentary methods might be deployed in classrooms as both an evaluative research method and as a pedagogical tool that can encourage and enable critical pedagogy and social advocacy. Before returning to academia, Brian worked professionally in New Zealand and China as a photographer, video producer, and creative manager for a range of commercial and social entities.

» Javon Johnson is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at San Francisco State University. He is currently finishing a manuscript about slam and spoken word poetry communities (Rutgers UP) and a co-edited volume about Chiraq (Northwestern UP).

» Ross Louis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Xavier University of Louisiana. He co-founded the school's Performance Studies Laboratory, an interdisciplinary collective that offers courses and produces on-campus performance work. He also serves as Associate Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research at Xavier, where he edits XULAneXUS, a peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal.

» Bonny McDonald received her doctorate from the Department of Communication Studies with an emphasis in Performance Studies at Louisiana State University in 2015. She is a scholar-artist who develops solo and group performances that focus largely on social justice issues. She also leads workshops for teachers and students of all levels that aim to activate kinesthetic learning in educational settings. She works with groups as diverse as university teachers of English, high school biology classes, afterschool arts programs, and community-based creative writing collectives.

» Nichole Nicholson is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Pierce College Puyallup, where they teach and direct in a developing theater program. Nicholson’s research interests include new media, performance, schizoanalysis, and queer feminisms. [website:]

» Melanie Kitchens O’Meara is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Augusta University (formerly named Georgia Regents University).

» Charles Parrott is an Assistant Professor and Director of the KSU Tellers in the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies at Kennesaw State University.

» Gretchen Stein Rhodes is Associate Director of Research Advancement in the Office of Research & Economic Development at Louisiana State University.

» Julie-Ann Scott is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Her areas of research and teaching expertise are Performance Ethnography, Storytelling and Personal Narrative, Qualitative Research Methods, Performance as Applied Learning, and Disabled Embodiment and Identity as Performance. Her work can be found in journals such as Text and Performance Quarterly, Qualitative Inquiry, Disability Studies Quarterly, and Departures in Critical Qualitative Research. Please see for more information about the UNCW Storytelling Performance Troupes and Performance Ethnographic film work.

» Sam Sloan is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Communication and Theater at Pierce College in Puyallup, Washington. His core research interests involve the intersections of Performance Studies, New Media, and Digital Aesthetics. [website:].

» Frank Trimble is a Professor of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. His research/artistic activity includes academic program design, communication pedagogy, creating educational video programs based on medical research data, communication consulting, documentary scriptwriting, play writing, acting, directing, and choreography.

» Bill Tussey is a full time student of Organizational Communication at Ohio University and an avid supporter of community theater. More of his work may be seen at

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