Two Videos

Obrigado, Senhor | Thank you, Lord | Gracías, Señor

Performance by Márcio-André and Laurent Winkler
Text by Márcio-André
Camera by Attila Varfalvi
Produced by Viktoria Vaci
Budapest, 2014

Landscape Inside and Outsider

Performance by Márcio-André
Santiago de Compostela, 2012

Márcio-André is a writer, performer, sound and visual artist born in Rio de Janeiro in 1978. He is the author of five books, including poetry, a novel, and essays. He has collaborated with newspapers and magazines including O GloboJornal do Brasil and O Estado de Minas. His works were translated into ten languages, appearing in numerous Brazilian and international anthologies. An experimental artist, with works in the area of sound and visual poetry, installation and performance, M-A has performed in the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary, Macedonia, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Peru, Canada, USA, and several cities in Brazil. Thanks to his Radioactive-Poetic Conference (2007) in the ghost town of Chernobyl, in Ukraine, he became “the first radioactive poet in the world.” [Website:]

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