Body, Space and Time in Networked Performance
Proceedings from Remote Encounters: Connecting bodies, collapsing spaces and temporal ubiquity in networked performance conference 2013
Garrett Lynch and Rea Dennis


make-shift   [video & text]
Paula Crutchlow and Helen Varley Jamieson

Presents // Presence   [video & text]
Lembrança (Rea Dennis & Magda Miranda)

Synema   [video & text]
Jérôme Joy

disDance 11054.80   [video & text]
Heidi Saarinen and Ian Willcock


Meaningful connections:
Exploring the uses of telematic technology in theatre and performance
Elena Pérez

Networked Dance Performance: a new temporality   [text]
Ivani Santana

I'll be your mirror
Identity reflections on the two sides of a computer screen
Giulia Ranzini

From 'Autographic' to 'Allographic':
Proliferating the Visually Embodied Self
  [slide presentation]
Elif Ayiter

Networked Migrations:
Listening to and performing the in-between space
  [text & videos]
Ximena Alarcón


Performance systems: making vs. exploiting   [text]
Garrett Lynch, Paula Crutchlow, Marc Garrett, Prof. Dr. Stahl Stenslie, Ian Biscoe and Erik Geelhoed

<notes on contributors>

» Paula Crutchlow is a performance maker and director who co-authors live events across a variety of forms. Paula is currently the Artistic Adviser for Adverse Camber directing work with some of the UK's leading storytellers. She is currently studying for an MRes/PhD in Critical Human Geographies at the University of Exeter.

» Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist from New Zealand, currently based in Germany. She is a founding member of the globally-dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, and an instigator and co-coordinator of UpStage, an open source web-based platform for cyberformance.

» Lembrança UK is Rea Dennis (an Australian) and Magda Miranda (a Brazilian); established in 2007 the company make live performance from shards of memory and autobiographical fragments.

» Jérôme Joy is a French composer and performer, living and working in Nantes (F). Since the beginning of the eighties, his work is based on sound intensity, duration and loudness as structure and de-structuring of music. He is presently tenured professor at the National School of the Arts at Bourges (F) and research co-director - with Peter Sinclair - of Locus Sonus, audio in art research lab. He is currently engaged in a Ph.D. in audio art & experimental music at Laval University Quebec.

» Heidi Saarinen (sister suitcase) is Senior Lecturer in BA and MA Interior Architecture & Design at the University of Hertfordshire and a dance artist with current research focus on The Construction of Place; Spatial Choreographies.

» Dr. Ian Willcock, Principal Lecturer in Interactive Media at the University of Hertfordshire. With a background in music and performance, he is particularly interested in live performance practice, which is integrated with interactive media.

» Elena Pérez is a researcher, theatre practitioner and experimental game designer. She is doing her PhD (2009-2014) in the department of Art and Media Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where she is looking at how digital media impacts contemporary performance, more specifically, how digital media challenge theatrical conventions in multimedia theatre, telematic and pervasive performance.

» Ivani Santana is a dancer and choreographer working in the field of dance-technology since 1990 and with Network Dance Performance since 2005. She is professor at Institute of Humanities, Arts and Sciences and at the Master and Ph.D. Program of Theater and Dance, University of Bahia, Brazil. Coordinator of the Research Group Technological Poetics and Director of MAPAD2 - Map and Program of Digital Dance. Author of: Open Body: Cunninghan, Dance and New Technologies (2002) and Dance at the Digital Culture (2006).

» Giulia Ranzini is a Ph.D candidate at the University of St. Gallen, Research Assistant at the Institute for Media and Communication Management and Visiting Researcher at the School of Communication, Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). Her doctoral dissertation explores how adult professionals manage the boundary between private and professional life on social media.

» Elif Ayiter, aka. Alpha Auer, is a designer, educator and researcher whose creative interests are based in three dimensional online virtual worlds and their avatars, as well as in developing and implementing hybrid educational methodologies between art & design and computer science, teaching full time at Sabanci University, Istanbul. She has presented creative as well as research output at venues including ISEA2011, Siggraph, Creativity and Cognition, and Computational Aesthetics and Cyberworlds; and is the chief editor of the journal Metaverse Creativity with Intellect Journals, UK.

» Ximena Alarcón is a new media artist who focuses on listening to social context related sound, connecting it to individual and collective memories. Her practice involves ethnography, deep listening practice, and sonic improvisation, and her tools include networking technologies and multimedia interfaces. Since October 2011, she works in Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice - CRiSAP, at the University of the Arts London, as a Research Fellow, developing her project "Networked Migrations - listening to and performing the in-between space".

» Garrett Lynch (IRL) is an artist, lecturer, curator and theorist. His work deals with networks (in their most open sense) within an artistic context; the spaces between artist, artworks and audience as a means, site and context for artistic initiation, creation and discourse. Garrett is currently Senior Lecturer in New Media at the Faculty of Creative Industries, University of South Wales.

» Marc Garrett is co-director and co-founder of the Internet based art collectives and communities - Furtherfield.org, Furthernoise.org, Netbehaviour.org, also co-founder and co-curator/director of the physical gallery space formerly known as 'HTTP Gallery' now simply called the Furtherfield Gallery in Finsbury Park London, UK. Currently studying a Media Art history Phd at the Birkbeck University of London.

» Prof. Dr. Stahl Stenslie is a visual artist, curator and media researcher specializing in experimental media art and interaction design. His artistic focus is on art and artistic expressions that challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. Currently he is teaching as a professor in Art and Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark.

» Ian Biscoe has a background as an entrepreneur, engineer and raconteur has seen him build a number of companies in Europe and the Americas. His business and engineering activities have straddled electronic, mechanical and software expertise in the fields of aerospace, process control, entertainment and telecommunications. He more recently studied Architecture and Landscape Architecture before coming to University College Falmouth as a PhD researcher investigating Cognitively Enabled Built Environments.

» Erik Geelhoed is a Research Fellow at University College Falmouth working on the Vconect program. Previously, with a background in psychology, he worked (1992 - 2009) at Hewlett-Packard Research Labs emphasising the importance of user requirements research in technology development and design.

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