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The City
Edited by Daniel Makagon, DePaul University

Liminalities is pleased to announce a new recurring section, The City, devoted to the examination of performance and performativity in urban environments. Essays, aesthetic texts, documentaries, digital media projects, reviews, and other performance projects will be published in all issues of Liminalities (when accepted work is available). Daniel Makagon of DePaul University will serve as editor of The City. Makagon is author of Where the Ball Drops: Nights and Days in Times Square (University of Minnesota Press, 2004) and (with Mark Neumann) Recording Culture: Audio Documentary and the Ethnographic Experience (Sage, 2009). Makagon edited a special issue of Liminalities On The City in 2008. Makagon's essays and research cover such varied topics of urban experience and performance as guerrila art, cultural disruption, democracy, sound mapping, and urban life. See below for submission and contact information for The City.

The City joins Performance and Pedagogy as the second recurring section of Liminalities. We are considering additional recurring sections on Digital Horizons, Performance Theory, and Political Performance. The general editor welcomes comments and suggestions about this or any other aspect of Liminalities. Send email comments to Michael LeVan.

Possible topics for ongoing submissions to The City include:

Movement in the city
New urbanism
Performance and public spaces
Performance and urban architecture
Street art and graffiti
Street theater
Theatre cultures
Cinema and the city
Urban decay
Urban renewal
The homeless/unhoused
Food cultures
Neighborhood festivals
Block parties
Sports in/and the city
Green Cities
Urban Tourism
Urban Public Health

The editor anticipates (at least) the following types of submissions: theoretical essays; ethnographic projects; audio, photographic, video, and web-based projects (or any mix thereof) about urban life and cities; and book reviews.

Please send all materials for this section to: Daniel Makagon ( dmakagon@depaul.edu )

Or by mail to:

Daniel Makagon
The City, Liminalities
College of Communication
DePaul University
1 E Jackson
Chicago, IL 60614

The City will be published in all issues (if accepted work is available) as a regular section of Liminalities.

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