Daffodils bristle at the thought of a tulip nearby. Bleeding Hearts are bursting because their one chance is coming. They grow so fast , knowing their stay is quite short.

Though traffic is nearby it is far away in the garden. It makes a singing sound as I weed and make a straight path for my borders.

The raspberries are coming on especially early this year. Soon I will be able to pick one as I go to walk the dog or pick many as I prepare my morning oatmeal.

The trees haven’t decided if they have leaves or not. Sure, some are there unfurling the best they can, but others are nervous, waiting for some triumphant announcement.

Whatever can be said about winter, it’s quiet hold over our hearts, the way we think as snow falls, the time when things are growing feels the most like something good is going to come. Something exciting that could change our lives in an instant. And that is something to wake up for.

Francesca Sanders