The Sims Monument

Petra claimed that the State Capital Building would have a statue of Marion Sims on the grounds. I thought that this would be about as fruitful as asking people about Sims, but there it was, a full blown testimony to his existence. He was dressed in a overcoat and looking confident as he strode above his label of the Father of Gynecology. He was so tall that you had to look up to him because he towered above us all. The stairs that ascended to the statue were steep, hardly suitable for a disabled bunch like us. We climbed and arrived breathless to view the statue of Sims.

Not much else to say about the granite statue. We leaned against it and took photographs. We made fun of it. I felt a sense of solidarity with Tabitha. For me it was another white guy statue, however this time I knew the history behind him.

---- Anita Gonzalez