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Interview questions

  1. How often do you ride the bus?
  2. What route do you usually take?
  3. Where are you coming from and going to?
  4. Do you pay as you go or do you have a pass?
  5. Do you own a car?
  6. Are there any particular reasons why you choose to ride the bus rather than choosing a different form of transportation such as your own car or walking?
  7. When you get on the bus where do you usually sit?
  8. Do you know usually know any of the other riders? Tell me more about that.
  9. Do you know these people from the bus or somewhere else? Do you know their names or just by sight?
  10. Do you talk to people on the bus? Would you talk only to friends and acquaintances or will you talk to a stranger, too?
  11. You say that you are not likely to talk to a stranger, why? What is holding you back?
  12. Is silence preferable to talking to a stranger? Why?
  13. Do you feel self-conscious when you ride the bus or do you just blend into the crowd?
  14. Would you like to be noticed on the bus ? If so, how? Or do you prefer to not be noticed?
  15. What kinds of things would you talk about with a stranger?
  16. Have you ever had any interesting conversations with strangers on the bus? Can you tell me about that experience?
  17. What kinds of things do you think about when you are riding the bus?
  18. When you look out the windows, what kinds of things do you like to look at? Why?

(If on the bus:)

  1. Can you point out any special spots that have meaning to you along the way?
  2. Why is that spot special to you? Do you think about that often when you pass by here?
  3. When you think about that, does it make you happy or sad or do you experience any other particular feeling?
  4. Does feeling that way affect how you interact with others after you think about it?
  5. Is that information something you would share with someone riding with you? A friend? A stranger?
  6. Are there any other circumstances that affect how you act when you ride the bus?

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