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I interviewed "Justin", 23 caucasian male, at the bus stop (heading home after a day at class).

JustinJustin, October 10, 2006, 2:20pm
see field notes for discussion on interactions with Justin, particular April 10 concerning this interview

RH: I already know why and how often you ride the bus, so let’s skip right to talking about interaction on the bus. Do you ever talk to people on the bus.

J: (laughs) Yea, you. Otherwise, no.

RH: Do people ever talk to you?

J: Once or twice. I think both times other guys asked me what I was reading.

My note: Justin reads a lot on the bus – he always has a paperback novel, usually a thriller in his backpack.

RH: Did you answer?

J: Sure. But I tend to keep my head down and not pay attention. One guy wanted to talk about Follet novels because he liked them too. We only talked, like, a minute I think. And then he got off.

RH: What about other people talking?

J: Umm, mostly people that already know each other. People talk more going home than coming in.

RH: You mean when you come in and go home?

J: Yea.

RH: Why do you think that happens?

J: I don’t know.

RH: C’mon psychology major, make a guess for me.

J: Put me on the spot. Um (pause)…well, in the morning, people are heading downtown to work. At 2pm in the afternoon heading out, they either don’t have a job or they’re going home from it. But I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it until now. Can I use this next semester in a class I’m taking?

RH: Do your own research, buddy (laughs). But, I’d help. OK, here’s another one for you: Do you ever equate a place along the route with any memories?

J: Nah. I only ride between here and home.

My note: Justin gets off at K-Mart, a few stops before Fayette Mall, my stop.

RH: Any special places you take your girlfriend?

J: That’s our bus (he steps forward). Nah, we stay home.

My note: On the way home, while I’m in my notes and writing this out long-hand and he has been reading across the aisle, he says, “Hey, since you said it, if you like Chinese, we went to that new restaurant (indicates the new Chinese buffet in the new strip mall by the Verizon store). It was good and pretty cheap.” "I prefer the Thai place," I indicate the other side of Nicholasville Road.

Thai restaurant from window of bus on a grey dayNot much of a memory tied to location and I totally “brought it up” as he said, so I don’t really place much stock in his observation as evidence of place-memory. However, if we hadn't been riding we never would have thought to point out the restaurants to each other.

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