Case Study 4: Aiden

This is another classic pre-op and first T-shot video in which a very young Latino named Aiden goes to the clinic to get his prescription duly caught on camera by the three friends who go with him. Aiden is, like a number of pre-op FTMs I've looked at, already in relationship with a young woman who accepts Aiden's gender status as male as a given: as she says later in the video, "You've always been my man." The joy Aiden feels is almost giddy in its intensity as he goes to get his prescription, has it filled and comes back home for his first shot—a moment not without its anxieties as the four young people figure out how to manage the T shot. Aiden's emotions overwhelm him and he breaks down and cries as he realizes that he is actually able to begin T and his journey to manhood. More than other videos in this essay, this really emphasizes the Now quality of the T shot—that to take this first shot means there is no going back to a female status now longer available to him as a transgendered male. The video concludes with a party with presents that are stereotypically male such as a razor—and not so stereotypically male: male lip balm.

In this short video, Aiden brings in a new perspective on the matter of girlfriends—that they have their own issues to work through as they date FTM men in transition; like many transmen he takes an activist perspective (as Skylar will in the next case study. In this case, Aiden calls on all the trans guys he knows to ask their girlfriends to start making videos from their perspectives and proposes a plan (that apparently never took off) for his girlfriend and him to open a joint YouTube channel to discuss these issues openly.

Girlfriends writing about life with their FTM boyfriends is a fairly ubiquitous genre on YouTube already. A quick search while writing this essay showed hundreds of such videos, which will form part of my next research in this area.